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Talent Access Platform (TAP) 

Imagine having a complete content creation team at your fingertips? Copywriters, designers and animators creating cool content. Marketing experts putting it together and figuring it all out for you! Social media gurus putting you front and centre. This is TAP on tap from Howell Media. 

Ready to turn it on? Let the creativity flow!

Content creation is essential to keep your marketing channels flowing and the sales rolling in. While you're busy working with clients, delivering a great service and providing awesome products and services, the pressure to 'make sure your audience sees it all' only grows and grows!

You’re a total pro when it comes to keeping your customers super happy, but when you’re having to balance all of your marketing and content creation at the same time, it can all just feel a bit much. You find yourself saying ‘damn, I forgot to post on Instagram again!’ at least once a month, and you might not have glanced at your own website since it was built a few years back. We hear you! And, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re not alone - many businesses (SMEs in particular) feel this pressure, and unless you get it under control, it can only lead to chaos. Just think of what you could do if you had a dedicated team doing it for you!

This is why we’ve introduced TAP, our unique Content Creation As A Service concept - meaning, all of your content creation needs are managed in one space by creative professionals while you get on and do your job!

12 Key benefits of Content Creation from Howell Media

  1. Your content is created by professionals who know what you and your audience want to see.
  2.  You can get on with running your business while your content is taken care of.
  3.  Ideal for small businesses with no, or micro, marketing department.
  4.  Can also be used as a content creation source for marketing teams.
  5.  Simple monthly fee, with no minimum duration or complex tie-ins.
  6.  All content is bespoke and unique to your business, values, messaging, promotions and brand DNA.
  7.  The platform is completely flexible, allowing you to change the ‘weight’ of each service you require to suit you.
  8.  No need to hire multiple people for multiple disciplines (paying wages, taxes etc), you get our team as your team! 
  9.  You gain a team used to working to tight deadlines and delivering time critical creative content.
  10.  Your brand and messaging remains consistent across all online platforms.
  11.  No need to outsource designers, filmmakers, editors, animators, project managers and media marvels from different sources, we’ve got them all here! 
  12.  Benefit from content creation that fits within your needs and budget, with scope to change and ‘power-up’ in certain months when necessary. 
Time to get creative!

There always time to re-enjoy Dub Fest

museums and galleries


Howell Media are proud to be working with several incredible museums and galleries. Our work graces some truly awe-inspiring settings and are enjoyed by thousands of visitors.

event filming


Live, live-streamed or virtual. Howell Media gives you the ultimate ‘access all areas’. Everyone’s got a front row seat! Pre-record or live action (or a hybrid of both!) we have you covered whatever the event.

promotion and product


Creative content is really great for business. That’s a fact. There are so many stats about the benefits of solid design, video, animation, great copy etc. that it’s mind boggling! Content gets you more results.

training and learning


Want to try it yourself? We say that’s a great idea! We will teach you how to do just right. Our training and workshops are designed to help everyone to benefit from the power of creative content. 

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