Virtual is Vital - 7 Reasons to go Virtual


The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has caused some major changes in how we do business, how we live our lives and how we appreciate events of all kinds. For many of us, the way we interact with people has transformed, and the need to get creative is more vital than ever! We’ve all taken part in at least one Zoom pub quiz this year, or an at-home virtual birthday party. Taking occasions into a virtual landscape has become the norm, so why cancel your event so soon? Amongst preparing to go bigger than ever for 2021, here’s seven reasons why you should take your event virtually during these uncertain times.

Here's my 7 reasons to go virtual...

1. It’s a Historical Milestone
Every business will have a story to tell to the next generation following the COVID-19 pandemic - stories of hardship, successes and of business communities coming together when they need it most. In our own lifetimes, we’ll hopefully never see the need to host events virtually again. Because it is so new to us to be creating events in this way, it will perhaps be the most memorable event your guests have ever attended. By going virtual, your event will, by default, be a part of history. 

2. It Keeps Your Audience Interested
In this rapidly changing world, your customers’ attention is being pulled to technology more than ever. We’ve become totally reliant on the screen in front of us - whether that’s to stay up to date with news, speak to family and friends from a distance or simply to distract ourselves with a good series to binge-watch. Either way, 2020 has driven most of us to look down, rather than in front of us. While you prepare for your 2021 event, you don’t want your customers to forget about you, or find their viewing pleasure elsewhere. Because your audience is craving content from these sources (regardless of age or location), make sure the content they’re watching is you. Festivals, awards ceremonies, conferences, it doesn’t matter what - reach out to your customers like you never have before. 

3. It’s Budget-Friendly
These uncertain times have caused all of us to tighten our belts! Many businesses have noticed a change in consumer behaviour, with customers avoiding excessive or luxurious purchases in favour of saving their money for the future. The same can be said for event production - think about how many costs come alongside hosting a brilliant event every year. Catering, venue hire, staffing, entertainment, ticketing, decoration, the list goes on. However, by taking your event virtual, you cut a large majority of these costs. With Howell Film, we quote the cost of creating the content as a full project - which in comparison, will appear significantly more cost effective. In fact, some of our virtual event clients have decided to go fully virtual for good - you can’t say no to more money in your pocket! 

4. It’s a Great Way to Kickstart Your Marketing 
With 2020 being a culmination of lockdowns and staying at home for the most part, it can feel almost like there’s nothing to promote or talk about to your audience on social media. By moving ahead with your event virtually, you can generate a campaign surrounding the event through your social media channels and your website. Generate regular posts, we provide teaser trailers and updates, and get your audience involved with competitions and raffles that will be revealed in the event itself. Keep that social media data rolling in! 

5. Unlimited Attendance
The practical aspects of producing an in-person event means there is a limit to how many attendees you can host. The amount of tickets you sell hinders on the capacity your venue can hold. However, by going virtual, your audience can be double, even triple this number. While the tickets themselves may be half the traditional price, the amount you sell could be twice the normal number. With the correct strategy in place to generate as much attendance as possible, you can host a profitable virtual event with very few costs involved. 

6. It Brings Your Audience Together
The current situation the world finds itself in is, let’s face it, a struggle. People need people more than ever, and things to look forward to on the calendar! Your event attendees are in one way or another a community, and your business an extended family. Whether it’s a company awards ceremony, a staff party or a fundraiser, your audience can come together and be part of something worthwhile in a time of hardship. Above all else, hosting a virtual event will be memorable for all! 

7. Interact With Your Customers In New Ways
A virtual event for all intents and purposes is not the traditional way to interact with your customers. In fact, it’s perhaps the newest way to communicate to your audience out there! The beauty of creating a virtual event is being able to speak with your ticket holders in a much more personal way. While the event is airing, you can sit back and respond to hashtags and mentions online as they happen, speaking to your customers in real-time. The benefits of this are exponential - you can communicate with your audience on a deeper level, build bonds that you might never had before, and generate a plethora of warm leads for your sales team. 

“There’s something special about Howell Film. They just seem to ’get it‘. The entire process is hassle-free and works smoothly. The final results speak for themselves.“

Guy Fairhurst
Chef Proprietor

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