Video is good for business because it speaks directly to your customers.

Promotional video, corporate video, TV advert, social advert, product video, 'how to' guides, presentations, training video... Options a plenty right there! Fear not, Howell Film have got you well and truly covered.
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Business can be tough. Therefore any advantage is important and video can help give you that advantage. There's no topic too dry, there isn't a message too complex that a well crafted film can't compliment further. Sometimes a dash of humour can go along way to show the human side of your business. Video does that. 

Ready to get to work?

Our clients expect video to work for them. They expect a ROI from video.

As filmmakers we believe that there’s no such thing as a boring topic... simply a lack of imagination!

Over the years we’ve filmed... paint drying, render drying. We’ve filmed countless production lines. We’ve filmed boots being hand-made. We’ve captured food going in and coming out of scores of ovens. We’ve shot racing cars, stock cars, and new cars. Pints pulled and buildings demolished. All nighters. All weekenders. We've been wet, cold, hot, wind-blasted, exposed on hillsides, cramped under things and hungry. All for the shot.

And we love it. Did we mention hungry?

In this film, we meet the lovely Sue and her amazing team at Sue's Gluten Free Kitchen.

Now, who else is hungry?

Fancy a trip around Newcastle? In this film, we follow Sanjay and the Fire Safety Company, experiencing all aspects of fire safety that they deal with on a daily basis. 

films for business


Video is great for business. That's a fact. In fact, there are so many stats about the benefits of video for business, it's mind boggling! Learn more...

event filming


Live, live streamed or virtual, film gives you the ultimate ’access all areas’. Everyone’s gets a front row seat! Pre-record or live action. Learn more...

animation for business


A picture says a thousand words. Particularly if that picture is alive with ideas, is engaging and fun. We're all drawn to animation! Learn more...

drone filming


Get the bigger picture. Actually, get the higher, wider, quicker, zoomier, target-following, action packed, cooler picture! Learn more...

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