Up, up and away!
Take to the skies for a different perspective.

Ladies and gentlemen we'll be taking off to an altitude 120m, with a cruising speed of around 50kph. Our distance travelled today will be up to 1km. Your flight will be captured in glorious cinematic 4k. We'll be tracking moving objects, capturing awesome hyperlapses and hovering perfectly still and whatever height you like.


Howell Film – Drone

Our qualified drone pilots are taking our filmmaking to a new level, literally! We offer drone filming when it's suitable for the project and the film will be improved. Not always because it’s so cool!  
We always follow the strict rules around flying drones safely in the UK.

Ready for take off?

Aerial filming adds an extra dimension to the narrative. It help sets the scene.

”Drone filming should compliment your work and not dominate it. That's where a professional filmmakers always have the edge – they know what not to include."

C Howell.

Did you know Howell Film can also provide drone photography, land and buildings and shooting in inaccessible places?

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drone filming


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