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Wherever you find yourself online, video will be there in one form or another. On Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and beyond, there is always some content to watch that keeps you entertained! However, as a business owner or marketeer, you’ll know that the pressure to physically upload video yourself is just as powerful. Perhaps you’ve dabbled with the idea, or made a few clips for your followers here and there. And that’s a great start!

Once you’ve ticked that box and tip-toed into the world of film by yourself, you’ll normally find one of two things happen: you get fantastic results, and your viewers loved the content you put out there. Or, the content has very little engagement, and doesn’t get you the results those big social media companies promised you. Both situations require action - taking that step into having a film professionally made. Here’s some advice for when you find yourself asking ‘what next?’.

I’ve started creating videos, and that's going well. Why do I need a professional film made? 
If you’re finding success with video already, moving towards professional film is a vital investment. You’ve whetted the appetite of your customers and have actively begun engaging and exciting your followers - you have their full attention. To keep that momentum up, and continue to expand your audience, your promotional content has to grow too. Howell Film’s video experts identify what aspect of your content is working well, and use that to develop your Video Marketing Strategy. From that, we work with you to establish what video content will work best for you, and we build around it. We will optimise your videos for your business and your customers to bring you measurable results. 

I’ve started creating videos, and it’s not going well. Why should I bother with a professional film? 
You may feel completely put off by the concept of video marketing if you’ve made some content that didn’t get the desired results. You might be comparing your video stats with the successes of previous posts and thinking ‘why bother?’. Take it from us, at this point, now is not the time to end your relationship with the record button! Rather, it is the perfect opportunity to identify what didn’t work and see where there is room for change. Our team will take a look at where we can help, and create a bespoke Video Marketing Strategy for your business. Perhaps it’s the content itself, or a lack of audience engagement after thirty seconds? With an experienced group of video experts, we’ll use our combination of experience and cinema-quality equipment to make sure your business and video marketing are best friends, with genuine results! 

I’ve started creating videos, and it’s simply too time consuming. What do I do? 
Making an effective video marketing campaign or promotional advert is most definitely not only about hitting record! It takes time planning, filming and editing. To create watchable, engaging content, physically picking up a camera and making a film can actually be the smallest part. Think of your favourite TV advert; to make it memorable, informative and enjoyable all at once, a pre-production team, film crew and strategy team would be working together to make sure you definitely didn’t forget it, through effective storyboarding, planning and strategy! In order to generate video content with powerful results, Howell Film takes the same approach to every film we produce. Rather than committing your valuable hours into planning and creating your video, have a pre-production team, full film crew, editing team and strategic experts do the nitty gritty for you. 

To sum up, now is the time to take the next step with your video marketing. With more and more platforms actively promoting video content rather than text and images, standing out from your competitors and holding your audience’s attention is vital. You’ll look your best, sound your best - while our team deals with the rest.

“There’s something special about Howell Film. They just seem to ’get it‘. The entire process is hassle-free and works smoothly. The final results speak for themselves.“

Guy Fairhurst
Chef Proprietor

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